Hypnagogic Art: Drawings
     The following are links to drawings made from the hypnagogic images described in the essay, “Hypnagogic Art”. To view a given drawing, simply click the title.

Painting: “Water Bucket and Foliage”

Painting: “Plastic Blades and Painted Ball”

Painting: “Portion of Brick Wall in Frame”

Sculpture: “Blue Rug With Brown and Red Stars Background”

Painting: “Explosion and Blob”

Painting: “Object in Space”

Painting: “Piece of Old Shirt in Frame”

Painting: “Grass Blades and Child’s Toy”

Painting: “Before His Creator”

Sculpture: “Pencil, Chain and Metallic Object on Boards”

Painting: “Mummy on White Slab”

Painting: “Diagonal on Canvas With Frame of Wooden Blocks”

Painting: “The Word ‘Black’”

Painting: “Extraterrestrial Object”

Painting: “Stylized Lightning Bolt”

Set of Sculptures: Trapezoidal Wooden Blocks

Film: “‘Here’s 7, here’s 6...’”

Sculpture: “Earthenware Pots Half-Buried in Gravel in Wooden Box”

Painting: “The Pencil Fence”

Sculpture: “3 Sneakers”

Sculpture: “Hole in Wall Showing Woman’s Corset Material”

Film: “...not if you ask me!...”

Film: “Rust-brown Pipe and Ice Skaters”

Painting: “Light Switch With Checkerboard Cloth”

Photograph: “Ladle on Square Stone in Framed Puddle”

Drawing: “Illustrations From a Book Titled The Fundamental Problem: Todfunkpine”

Framed Sand Sculpture: “Ornamented Number 4”

Drawing: “Triangular Cardboard Characters Climbing a Triangular Wall”

Painting: “Blue Rockets in a Box”

Sculpture: “Wooden Paintbrush in a Wooden Box”

Painting: “Column of Seashells”

Sculptures: “Wrapped Birch Tree” and “Rock Painted White”

Sculptures: “Purple Ice Tray Separators” and “Cut Branches in a Wooden Frame”

Sculpture: “The Leaf Canopy”

Film or Still Photo: “House With Polka-Dot Smoke”

Sculptures: “Object Being Discussed By Doctors” and “Canvas Snail on Printed Circuit Board”

Sculpture: “Jeweled Dough Towers”

Drawing: “hoar houses”

Sculpture/toy: “Cloth Rabbits Mounted on Wood”

Painting: “Green Stem Through Finger Tip”

Sculpture: “Wire Loops in a Load of Bread”

Sculpture: “Wrapped Birch Trees”

Sculpture: “Waste Basket With Metallic Roses Glowing Red from Heat”

Painting: “Room for a Closet”

Film: “...I help it if it’s red?...” and Sculpture: “Angular Stone With Lightning Pattern in Plate of Round Stones”

Film: “The Führer’s Finger”

Painting or Sculpture: “Small Hat on a Large Fencepost”

Sculpture: “Candy Scoop Made of Candy”

Painting: “Carriage With Two Old People And Aluminum Tube Passing Under Wooden Gate”

Sculpture: “Bottle from Gold Country With Triangular Leaf”

Painting: “‘Is There Complaining About Six Brothers Now?’”

Sculpture: “‘You’re Already Old!’”

Paintings (merely verbal descriptions): “‘Now you look better!...’”, “Wolf on a Railing”, “‘Can We React...Red?’”

Sculpture: “Christmas Decorations Hanging In Front of a Canvas”

Sculpture: “Gloves, Cake, Whip Handle”

Painting or Sculpture: “Carpet on Vertical Boards”

Sculpture: “‘For instance, have you ever gained a can of fruit?’”

Sculpture: “Carved Pine Post and Sawed Board”

Painting or Sculpture: “Fig Newton on a Small Piano Stool”